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Otago Community Trust - Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027
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Otago Community Trust New Strategic Plan - Now Live

Barbara Bridger —

Otago Community Trust introduced a new strategic plan from 1 April 2022 which sets out the direction for the Trust over the next five years. Our plan has been developed to guide the Trust into the future, as we endeavour to work together with our communities and key stakeholders to invest in, assist with and facilitate opportunities for the benefit of Otago.

In the video above Otago Community Trust chair, Diccon Sim and I provide a little more insight into our new strategic plan and what it means for our communities.

Our strategic plan has been developed in careful consideration of the current economic environment, it is mindful that we are a Trust in perpetuity and that we need to be wise and prudent in our philanthropic decisions.

As alluded to in previous communication - projects falling under the former 'Funding for Change' strategic priorities of Warm Homes, Regionally Significant Cycle Ways and Youth Health, Wellbeing and Employment will continue to be considered, but within the framework of our new, and broader, funding pillars.

  • Empowered Communities,
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing,
  • Increased Access to Opportunities, and
  • Thriving Children and Young people.

It is important to note that our five funding sectors remain unchanged and that the Trust will continue to award grants, both small and large, across the sectors of Arts and Culture, Community, Environment and Heritage, Learning and Sport and Recreation. This sector based granting forms part of our new strategic Funding Pillars.

Priority Communities

As part of our new strategic plan Otago Community Trust has identified that some groups within the community are more likely to confront barriers to getting equitable funding. 

Otago Community Trust has identfied new priority communities. These are children and young people, Māori, Pasifika, former refugees, new migrants, rainbow communities, those experiencing mental health issues, people living with a disability, rurally or in isolation, and those facing hardship.

New Tamariki and Rangatahi Strategy & Funds

Under our new Thriving Children and Young people funding pillar we have also developed a dedicated strategy to support Otago’s children (tamariki) and young people (rangatahi).

“This dedicated strategy follows years of work and consultation with the sector to understand the needs in the region and how the Trust can best support the aspirations of the youth sector and the regions young people.”

We are committed to delivering on our Tamariki & Rangatahi Strategy and our vision that all tamariki and rangatahi in Otago are valued, accepted and empowered to lead fulfilled lives. That they are healthy, happy and their wellbeing is nurtured.

We have ringfenced $10 million (in addition to our regular grants budget) over the coming years to assist organisations and initiatives that seek to support the young people of Otago.The funding will support our new Tamariki & Rangatahi Strategy and the three new funds under it. We encourage you to visit the Otago Community Trust website to learn more about this dedicated new strategy and the funds developed.

We appreciate change can sometimes we hard but if you have any questions on our new strategic plan and / or the new Tamariki & Rangatahi Strategy and Funds, please don't hesitate to give the team a call to discuss. 

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