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#ProtectOurWhakapapa Resources
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COVID-19 Resources - #Protect Our Whakapapa

Pip Laufiso —

Trustee Pip Laufiso has shared a very useful link to the #ProtectOurWhakapapa website which has some resources that have been specifically developed for Māori. These are very clear, simple to understand messages that can also be used by a wide range of community groups to support those in need.

#ProtectOurWhakapapa have used both Te Reo and English, doing their best to bring together simple, clear, trustworthy information that can help educate everyone about the COVID-19 pandemic.

On their website they have links to official, up-to-date information and a wide array of other resources, including a collection of apps, resources, and services that may help whānau with the different challenges faced during the lockdown.