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Cromwell Early Learning Centre Inc - New Wall
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Our Grantees - Cromwell Early Learning Centre

Otago Community Trust —

Cromwell Early Learning Centre (CELCI) is a community owned, not-for-profit, pre-school based in Central Otago. Originally a parent run play-centre (dating back to 1954), in 2000 CELCI became a not-for-profit incorporated society, with the aim of preserving the community approach by including parents in the running of the centre.

In February 2021, Otago Community Trust was pleased to award a $6,500 grant to the Cromwell Early Learning Centre to help with the replacement of an existing retaining wall that was no longer fit for purpose. 

Otago Community Trust grants manager, Sue Stewart highlights that one of the key strengths of Otago Community Trust is the wide range of projects the Trust funds.

"This grant in particular highlights that some of our grants are all about supporting practical health and safety improvements for our community groups".

Cromwell Early Learning Centre was in the process of having a block layer come to price a small extension to one part of their concrete block wall when the resulting engineers report indicated that they would need to replace the whole existing high wall due to safety reasons. While this was a project not planned for, it was one that needed to be completed due to the safety risk the wall posed.

Sadly the removal of the old wall also took 20+ years of history of past students who have attended and teachers with permanent hand prints on the wall. 

Cromwell Early Learning Centre Inc - New Wall  — Image by: Cromwell Early Learning Centre

Yet, with some very creative thinking the old hands now photographed have been rehung on the new wall so people can remember the history of when they came to the Cromwell Early Learning Centre.

It is great to hear that there have been many comments on how good the wall looks and from a health and safety aspect it is reassuring that teachers, parents and children know the wall/fence is safe and is no longer a safety concern.