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Grants Round - March and April 2022

Otago Community Trust —

Below is a quick summary of our recent grant approvals for March and April 2022.

March Grants Summary

Funding boost for South Otago projects

Large scale capital projects that will benefit Otago communities featured strongly on the agenda in the March funding round of Otago Community Trust, with the South Otago region benefitting to the tune of $2.8 million.

On the back of recent news that $2.2 million had been approved to support the Clutha Community Hub Charitable Trust, Otago Community Trust is also pleased to announce a $500k grant was approved to support the Clutha Gold Trail Charitable Trust, along with a $120k grant to assist with the development of a new community playground at Waihola.

The full Media Release for March can be viewed below:


April Grants Summary:

Funding for Trades Apprenticeship Training welcomed

Otago Community Trust has funded over $1.6 million in support of a wide range of community projects in the Trust’s first funding round for the new financial year. The April funding round saw Otago Community Trust continue its commitment to providing multi-year funding to several well-established social service providers.

For Trades Apprenticeship Training Trust received a $48,000 grant to assist with the delivery of its programme. A $4,100 grant was also approved to the Lake Ōhau Community Hub Charitable Trust. This grant will support the cost purchasing trees and shrubs to donate to the Lake Ōhau community to assist in making a start on the beautification and revegetation of Lake Ōhau after the devastation of the October 2020 wildfire.

The full Media Release for April can be viewed below:


Latest Grants

The full list of grants can always be found on the Otago Community Trust website.