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Learning Impact Fund - Hills Cluster Open Day
Photo by Melanie McAtamney

Learning Impact Fund - Now Closed

Otago Community Trust —

The Otago Community Trust established the Learning Impact Fund in 2017 to provide a dedicated fund to support projects which would make a real difference to student achievement, but which are unable to be funded through traditional funding channels. Since launching the Learning Impact Fund three years ago, Otago Community Trust has approved just over $2 million to eight separate Learning Impact Fund projects.

Whilst the Fund is closed for new applications, those that were submitted before the 31st March deadline will be considered by our Board in the coming months. Unfortunately we have had to hold off discussing these as we deal with more pressing matters arising from the COVID-19 lockdown.

To date the feedback from successful schools awarded Learning Impact Fund funding is very positive. The financial assistance provided has certainly allowed schools to invest in areas more quickly and has fostered greater collaboration on a more consistent and regular basis. As outlined this three year fund has now closed off to new applications. 

Learning Impact Fund Recipients

Milestone reporting and evaluation will continue for all the successful projects and Otago Community Trust will be investigating ways to share the knowledge and experiences learned from the funding investments made.