copyright by Distance Learning


The Library, and you, are required by law to ensure fair use of material that has been copied for study and research purposes.

Legal use of scanned and photocopied documents

All Library Scans are supplied to you for your private study/research. You may only make one copy and no distribution is permitted by electronic transmission or any other means.

Copyright Act

The Copyright Act allows library staff to copy or scan material under sections ss.51, 52.56., and 56B. The Library must observe the following conditions:

  • A copy shall be made only for the purposes of private study or research.
  • A “reasonable proportion” of any literary, dramatic or musical work, including any artistic work that appears within the proportion copy (i.e., we can’t copy a whole book for you).
  • The whole of a journal article, or more than one article from an issue if it’s on the same subject.
  • Except in the case of an artistic work, no copy shall extend to more than a reasonable proportion of a complete work.

As a rough guide the Library will generally copy one chapter or one journal article.

More information about copyright