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Finding a Thesis

Theses can be very useful sources of unpublished research, but they can also be hard to locate.

Theses from the University of Otago

OUR Archive ( is the University of Otago’s research repository and where you can search for recent University of Otago theses.

Theses from other New Zealand institutions

NZ Research ( lets you search across the research repositories of other NZ tertiary institutions, including OUR Archive.

Te Puna ( enables you to search across all NZ library catalogues and this makes it great for finding NZ theses published before 2010. A search tip: make sure you add thesis to your search (e.g. thesis nursing mental illness). Request theses found on Te Puna, and not available online, using the Interloan service.

International Thesis Databases and Repositories

These are listed in the Thesis Information Guide ( on the Find page. If you can’t access the entire thesis online, make a request using the Interloan service -

Charges for requesting theses

Requests for theses held in New Zealand and Australia are free. There may be a charge of $25 for overseas thesis requests, but the Interloan team will always check with you first.