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Residential / Block Workshops

Residential/Block workshops may be part of the paper you have enrolled in. These events may be optional or mandatory, but are always a key part of your course of study.

Some of the University of Otago’s distance papers incorporate face-to-face workshops for blocks of teaching. Some of those workshops are optional and some are mandatory.

These intensive periods occur at strategically important times of the tuition schedule and are organised by your teaching department. The aim of the workshops is usually to focus of particular aspects of material in your course as well as to give the group a chance to meet face to face.

If your paper does incorporate residential/block workshops they may be held on a University campus or at some other location (usually in New Zealand, but they could be held anywhere, depending on your course!)

Remember to red through your course information to find our if and when there is a residential/block course in your paper. Also note whether it is mandatory or optional and where the session will be held.

Please check with your course administrator for the confirmed dates of these block/residential workshops BEFORE you make travel and accommodation arrangements.

If you have any queries or practical concerns, please contact your course administrator.