Otago Polytechnic Research

Happy New Year! We invite you to take the opportunity this year to partner with our staff and/or students in research that is relevant for you. We look forward to hearing from you and scoping a collaborative project.

Our staff had a very productive year with their research in 2019:

  • Total Research Outputs 2019: 580 (32% increase on 2018)
  • Quality Assured Research Outputs 2019: 435 (34% increase on 2018)
  • Active researchers 2019: 208 (22% increase on 2018)
  • Vision Mātauranga outputs 2019: 37 (27% increase on 2018)
  • Outputs adding to knowledge around learning and teaching 2019: 238 (290% increase on 2018)
  • Outputs adding to knowledge around sustainable practice 2019: 119 (526% increase on 2018)

We would also like to share the latest results of our Learner Capability Framework research project with you. This project is funded by Ako Aotearoa with a national grant and we are now at the halfway point. This stage has focussed on our alumni views on how Otago Polytechnic has facilitated their employability and on in-programme testing of the framework for students. The Alumni Survey and Interview Analysis is available here and the Synthesis report here

Prof Leoni Schmidt
Director: Research and Postgraduate Studies
ISSN 2624-084X

  1. Extinction roll call

    Michelle Wilkinson's contemporary jewellery practice relates New Zealand's extinction story. Read more…
  2. Next steps

    Up-to-date advice is available for those living with disability. Read more…
  3. Hold on

    Matt King is working on a more reliable way to test grip strength. Read more…
  4. Chocolate box

    A new branding concept for OCHO celebrates the flavours of the Pacific. Read more…
  5. Closer to home

    We can take education to the people, rather than expecting people to move for education. Read more…
  6. Project Drone

    A problem-solving approach helped a Mechanical Engineering student work through prototype issues. Read more…
  7. Science futures

    A custom-made robot is exciting Auckland school children about science. Read more…
  8. "Crack on with the conversation"

    Talking helps farmers navigate the storms of life. Read more…
  9. Beyond the classroom

    Strong learning design helps students gain essential skills and capabilities. Read more…