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Photo by Rose Neal

Leadership Conference for our House Leaders

Rose Neal —

Our House Leaders were fortunate to be able to attend a Leadership Conference for student leaders on 1st March. Three of our leaders have written about their experience at the conference.

The House leaders went to a conference run by GRIP (Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, People). It was so much fun and the presenters were exciting and energetic.

This taught us how to become better leaders. It includes collaboration and what makes you a good leader, like hearing others' opinions, Showing happiness towards others, helping others and showing humility (being honest) to yourself and others. Also not leaving others out and being like minded. We learnt how to be role models.

They said “It's natural to think of self first but leaders need to shift their

Thinking of others first.” And “A leader should not wait for people to ask,

Impacting others is a leader's main task.” That's what a leader's thinking should be!

Written by Callum Juthan, Keddy Gong and Logan Newth on behalf of the student leaders