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Parent Information About All Things at Our School and Our PTA Meeting

Otumoetai Intermediate Communications —

You are invited to a parent information evening about all things at our school followed by a PTA Meeting.

Tuesday 20th February 2024 at 7:30 pm.

Learning Centre above the Library - accessed via the ramp at the front of school.

This will cover the government donations scheme, students bringing their own devices to school, anything about Mathematics and Literacy teaching, communication with parents and upcoming events. There will be opportunities to ask questions, make suggestions and seek clarification about class and school-wide programmes.

If parents would like more in-depth information sessions around a particular topic, we will arrange this.

We will follow up this section of the meeting with our annual meeting of the PTA and encourage you to stay on and join our dynamic parent/teacher group.

We hope to hold one session a term for interested parents on:

- 11th June (Term 2) – Topic to be advised.
- 29th July (Term 2) – Cyber Safety with John Parsons
- 13th August (Term 3) – Topic to be advised.
- 5th November - Topic to be advised.

Having children here ourselves currently and in previous years, we know that opportunities abound and await your child over this next school year. These opportunities are school/teacher managed, with the definite need for parent involvement on various levels throughout the school year to support the teachers and school in running such fantastic programmes and events for our children. So please accept this as an open invitation for you as parents to be part of this school, when and how you are available to do so.

On a personal note, at this level of schooling we have found that our children have loved knowing that we are, and still want very much to be, part of their school lives. Despite what they might say, it is important to them.

One of the ways you can be an effective part of this school community is to come along to Ōtūmoetai Intermediate PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meetings. We are all parents of children who attend this school who meet to form that critical link between the school, teachers and home.

Having contact with other parents is different and often difficult at Intermediate level compared to Primary School, so this is an ideal way to meet other parents of children that your child goes to school with. You also gain valuable insights into how and why the school is run as it is and able to have direct conversations with our Principal, Henk Popping.

Please complete the attached form and return to our school office if you are interested in joining our PTA.