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Picking Up and Dropping Off Students

Otumoetai Intermediate Communications —

Parents and Caregivers become part of the solution

Please pre-plan your pick up and drop off of students at the car park Carlton Street Reserve off Ngatai Road, avoid Charles Street altogether and let your student walk up to the school. The Carlton Street Reserve, off Ngatai Road below the school, provides plenty of free vehicle parks and students can walk safely to and from school.

The congestion in Charles Street becomes unsafe and it is important for buses to use this area. It would also leave this small street accessible for parents picking up a student in emergencies.

Please note that drivers at the front of the school are regularly monitored by Tauranga City Council Traffic Wardens and infringement notices/tickets are issued. There is also monitoring by CCTV cameras located on light poles and infringement notices are sent by mail.

Safety Concerns in School Car Park

Some mornings before school there are sports training sessions. Consequently, there are often students around our school earlier than normal. All too often we are seeing parents who are clearly in a hurry to drop their child off and get to their own work, who drive into the front carpark at really excessive speeds. They usually then continue with the speed and exit by bike lockup towards the college.

Others drive into the exits at similar speeds. Numerous times, other drivers have had to stop their car, or get out of the way on foot as this happens.

Our main concern is for those students on foot who are also early for a training session. We would like to appeal to our parents dropping off a student to put student safety first when entering or exiting our car park.

Never stop on yellow lines or double park around the school, no matter how briefly. Doing this means blocking the view for road patrollers, pedestrians and motorists. You could be responsible for injuring a child.

Consider Park & Stride. This means you park approximately 500m away and walk to meet your child. The benefits include; less congestion and improved safety around school gates, developing your child’s road sense and mood boosting exercise. Carlton Reserve is ideal, it’s only a short stroll away and has 130 parking spaces.