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2024 Bus Arrangements

Otumoetai Intermediate Communications —

Please note that Term 1 rural buses should be paid within first two weeks. Rural buses are paid directly to the bus company - see below under 'Fees' to find out how to pay for this pass.

Urban Transport 

www.uzabus.co.nz/schoolhopper/ (for schoolhopper buses)
www.baybus.co.nz/tauranga-western-bay/tauranga-urban (for urban buses)
Tel: 0800 892 287

Bus To School - Urban Bus Network

Use the urban bus network to bus to school – it’s free with a registered Bee card! Register your Bee Card with a child concession and be sure to tag on and off in order to get the free fare.

For more information click here: Backtoschoolflyer

School Buses (Schoolhopper)

  • 904a – Welcome Bay – Welcome Bay Road (Dairy), James Cook Drive, Victory Street, Osprey Drive, Waitaha Road, Welcome Bay Road (Meadowviews Drive, Vet Clinic, Stand C), Hairini Street
  • 904b-– Ohauiti – Ohauiti Road, Rowesdale Drive, Hollister Lane, Poike Road, Oropi Road, Cheyne Road.
  • 905a – Bethlehem - St Andrews Drive, Castlewold Drive, Bethlehem Heights, Beaumaris Boulevard, Moffat Road, Bethlehem Road, Carmichael Road, Millers Road, Brookfield Road, Bellevue Road.
  • 905b – Bethlehem – Cambridge Road, Te Reti Views, Bethlehem Road, Cherry Way, Westmoreland Rise, Tall Oaks Way, Bethlehem Country Club, St Michaels Avenue, Westmoreland Rise, Windover Rise, St Pauls Drive.
  • 907 – The Lakes: Church Street, Sheppard Street, Greerton Village, Maitland, Greenpark School, Pyes Pa Road, Kennedy Road, Te Ranga Memorial Drive, Puhirake Crescent, Lakes Boulevard, Landing Drive,

Parents can check whether there is a suitable urban bus service available by entering their home address and Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School into the Tauranga Journey Planner on the BayBus website.

Rural Transport (Tauranga Transport Network Group Buses)


  • 10 – Kaimai area: Kaimai School, Soldiers Rd, Cnr Valley View Road, Old Kaimai Rd, Cnr Ngamuwahine Rd, Cnr Thorne Rd, Country Fare Fruit Shop, Cambridge Road – Cnr of River Oaks Drive, Miles Lane and Westridge Drive.
  • 11 – Kaimai area: McLaren Falls Road, Omanawa Road, Tomsett Road, Catch bus 10 at meeting point*.
  • 12 – Kaimai area: Ruahihi Road, Poripori Road, catch bus 10 at meeting point*.
  • 13 – Kaimai area: Belk Road, Omanawa Rd, State Highway 29/Redwood Lane, catch bus 10 at meeting point*.
  • 17 – Whakamarama area: Munro Road & Old Highway to Pahoia School, Te Karaka Drive, Gill Lane, 774 State Highway.
  • 22 – Omokoroa area: Omokoroa Gravel Pit; Hamurana Rd Shops, Omokoroa Point School, Plummers Point Rd, Anderson Lane, Jess Road, Emeny Road.
  •  25 – Whakamarama area: Cnr Barrett Road & Old Highway, Cnr Youngson Road, Cnr Te Karaka Drive, Cnr Gill Lane. (Includes Ross Road students).

* Meeting point stop is at The Lakes is outside Pak n Save.

Students from Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School will be able to catch these College buses where room allows.

Students living in the Kaimai, Te Puna and Whakamarama Schools’ Transport Entitlement Zones are unable to use the TTNG College buses within these school zones. They need to catch the bus at the stops listed above.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to have a look at the information that is available on the bus websites to keep up to date about buses.

Fees 2023/2024 (may be subject to change)

  • Rural bus: The TTNG introduced a new bus pass system this year. Bus passes are now purchased through their website on the following link: https://schooltransport.org.nz/about-bus-passes/. The fees are $280.00 per year, or $75.00 per term (this fare will be reviewed annually).
  • Schoolhopper/Bayhopper: If your regular school bus is a blue or white dedicated school bus no Bee Card is Required. If your regular bus is operated by a yellow Bayhopper vehicle, a Bee Card is required and must be pre-loaded with a child concession or you will be charged the default fare. Fares will be charged if they do not tag on AND off these buses when exiting. Note that Bayhopper buses are only free for school students from Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 9:00 am and from when school finishes to 5:00 pm.

Lost Property

For lost property contact 0800 892 287 for urban buses or tauranga@easybus.nz for rural buses.