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Photo by Otumoetai Intermediate Communications

Safe Play at School

Otumoetai Intermediate Communications —

At Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School we encourage our students to be active during their morning tea and lunch breaks.

Our playground equipment and obstacle courses are designed to build upper body strength and students may climb trees up to a limit of three metres. We have designated staff who promote sports and take games during lunch time and students are encouraged to utilise the many handball markings located around the school.

We turn student wi-fi off during breaks and students are not permitted to use their devices during morning tea and lunch time. This is to encourage them to make the most of their break in a physical or leisure activity.

Staff are on duty to monitor students and steps are taken if we observe unsafe play or activities that could result in injury. Students are briefed at assemblies on a regular basis about safe play areas and activities that are deemed unsafe.

Health and safety briefings are held with staff every Monday morning and where a hazard or hazardous practice is identified, mitigation takes place as soon as possible.