Term 2 Week 5

Rutherford Science

Crab Research Friday!
    by Otumoetai Intermediate Communications

Thanks once again to Waikato University, the Year 8 Rutherford Science class had the pleasure of learning about and having a hands-on experience with a deep-sea crab; Genus Chaceon.

What an amazing specimen! When we examined the incredibly complex mouth, we noticed that very small Goose Neck Barnacles were attached around the mouthparts ….. a lesson for another day [ready and waiting in the freezer]. This crab showed off the hard exoskeleton and segmented body really well.

The class researched a variety of different decapods, Pea Crabs, Coconut Crabs and Vampire Crabs to name a few. They then shared their learning with their class mates.

Ali McPike