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Year 1-6 Class Structure 2021

Jacqui Paterson —

We are restructuring the Year 1-6 teams next year.

In 2021 Year 1-6 will look a bit different. We will have two teams instead of three syndicates. These teams will be set up from Years 1-3 and Years 4-6. Teachers will be collaborating in pairs which means students will benefit from the strengths of two teachers but be assigned their own homeroom teacher, as we did this year. 

Team Discover will be staffed with five teachers at the beginning of the year, with a sixth being employed later in the year. It will be set up as follows:

New Entrant/Year 1 + the startup class a bit later in the year

Two Year 1& 2 classes

A Year 2&3 class + a Year 3 class.

Team Explore will be staffed with six teachers from the beginning of the year. It will look as follows:

A Year 4 class & a Year 4&5 class

Two Year 5&6 classes

Two Year 5&6 classes.

Staffing will be confirmed next week along with class lists.