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Photo by Lesley Inch

Year 7 and 8 Camp Experience

Lesley Inch —

We had a fantastic camp this week. Tenting was definitely a highlight. A huge thank you to the wonderful parents who supported us: Daniel Blomfield, Nicky Stagg, Erika Jury, Simon Griffiths and Mark Shelley.

On Tuesday

We started camp by putting up our tents. Once we were done we had free time to go and explore. After about 30 minutes we went to the lodge and had a briefing. Then we got into our groups and went for a walk through Bottle Lake Forest. When we were about halfway through we got into groups and took turns at being blindfolded. When we got to the next checkpoint we realized we were running late so we went off-road to make it faster. We got there a couple of minutes late. We had a safety talk about the water and how to keep calm. Half the group went swimming, the other half did beach activities after 20 minutes we switched over and did the other activities. Soon after we got out the water we realized we were missing some hats and maps. When we got back we had some free time because we were waiting for the rest of the syndicate. For dinner, we had half a pizza and some hot chips. 

After we had dinner we had a talent show the judges were Mark Shelley, Mr Smith and Nicky Stagg. Our favourite judge was Mark Shelley because of his amazing drawings and jokes but Nicky and Mr Smith were really good too. In the final time of our day, we played spotlight and a movie. Once we were done we had 20 minutes to brush our teeth and go to bed.

On Wednesday

We woke up, packed our bags and tents up, had breakfast and hopped on the bus. Because of the bad weather we couldn't do surfing and Adrenalin forest. Instead, we went to Mega Air in Hornby and Ten Pin Bowling in Waltham. We really enjoyed both these activities. Even though we were very tired from the night before. We had one game of bowling and had all 14 lanes, everyone was in groups of 7. Next, we hopped on the bus and went to Mega Air, we had 1 hour to go on, tumbling tramps, boxes, dodge ball and more. After a tiring two days, we headed home.

BY: Zara Chittenden, Lydia Denley, Scarlett Hart, Charlotte Shelley and Alexis Stubbs.