Hero photograph
Photo by Paul Kingston

Year 3 & 4 Basketball

Paul Kingston —

The Papanui Panthers are nearly half way through their Term 1 season and have had a great start. The team are developing great skills and well supported by parents and whānau.

I like running on the court in the Bishopdale stadium and getting the basketball on the court. - Jed
I like basketball because all the boys in my family do it and after we get an icecream.  We have a good teacher and a good team - Alex
I like that we get to have lots of fun and we get to hang out with friends.  My uncle is very good at basketball so he will be proud and I love doing long shots. - Jamie
The thing I like about basketball is when the ball is very high I like to jump up to get it.  Also I like to find gaps and dribble through them and doing big passes into the middle. - Brody
What's cool about basketball?  It is cool because I get to have fun and I like having fun. - TJ

A special thank you to Claire Strydom for coaching the team.