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Photo by Paul Kingston

Tsunami Siren Testing on Sunday 3 April

Paul Kingston —

This is a community notice the school has been asked to share.

This Sunday 3 April, the tsunami sirens installed along the coastline between Brooklands and Taylors Mistake will be tested as part of a biannual testing exercise to coincide with daylight saving. 

The sirens will sound at 11am for up to three minutes and can usually be heard a few blocks from the coastline. 

This test will sound different to previous tests as our existing tsunami sirens have been upgraded. Our tsunami sirens will now sound pre-recorded voice messages. For this test you should hear ‘[tone] [This is a test of the Tsunami Warning Sirens. Do not be alarmed. This is only a test.]’ 

Find more information about the messages that will sound during a tsunami warning at ccc.govt.nz/tsunami 

It’s a good time to check whether you are in a tsunami evacuation zone, and to work out with your family on where to go if you needed to evacuate and how you will get there.