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Photo by Paul Kingston

Covid Update

Paul Kingston —

It has been a quieter week with fewer cases reported in the school. Staffing will be very close to normal next week with 4 of the 5 teaching pods with their usual teachers.


Since Tuesday's update, and at the time of writing, there are only 3 more new COVID-19 cases in our school.

  • Children in Weka, Pukeko, Kahu

Our best wishes to everyone for a quick recovery.

I have updated the graphs so you can all see the impact that Covid has had upon the school.  To date there have been

61 children (30%) and 9 staff (36%) who have contracted Covid
another 30 children (15%)  and 2 staff (8%) were Household Contacts

And the good news 

49 children and 7 staff have either recovered or ended isolation and are back at school.

All graphs** are updated in more recent newsletters

  • Updated the graphs** for you.  The first showing all the positive cases.
  • This graph** shows the cases over the five weeks of the outbreak.  Have we peaked? 🤞