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PNBHS Crest to Crest Challenge 2021
Video by Jayden Glentworth

Crest to Crest Challenge 2021


Thank you to Max Ferguson and Tamati Durie-McGrath who presented a report on the Crest to Crest Challenge at the first Prefect’s Assembly for 2021. Both Max and Tamati highlighted the Tū Māia | Courage required to put yourself forward for the Crest to Crest. They explained that alongside the physical challenges involved in running, cycling and canoeing from Mt. Ruapehu to Palmerston North Boys’ High School, there are also significant mental challenges. Both Max and Tamati highlighted the huge respect the Crest to Crest group has for the efforts of Jayden Glentworth, who has overcome significant hurdles in order to compete, an inspirational example to his peers.

2021 Crest to Crest Report PNBHS

Max Ferguson: "Morning boys. The PNBHS Crest shows the Lion which represents Bravery and Courage and the Castle - Strength of Foundation and Solidarity.  These are two of many values and characteristics, along with resilience and determination, that will help you succeed during a week as physically and mentally tough as Crest to Crest. This morning Tamati and I will be talking about our week on Crest-to-Crest 2021. When you hear about this adventure, most people’s first thoughts are this is impossible, completing a 40km run, 230km of cycling and 100km canoe all in 5 days. For any elite athlete, this is a challenge but for an ordinary Year 13 student, this is an enormous undertaking. Crest to Crest is based on teamwork, mental and physical toughness. The journey you and your teammates embark on is a rocky ride with some massive highs, like running into school with the team with the Year 9 students and your family cheering you on, or significant lows, like canoeing down the Wanganui river with a headwind and low water levels. But that is what Crest is about; it's character building, personal growth and having the right people around you to push through the tough times.

The most challenging moment for me was the canoe with the water level in the river being low, a headwind, and not having huge upper body size and strength. This is where my mental strength took over and pulled me through. 

One of the most special parts of our Crest this year was our good friend Jayden being able to complete it with us and he blew us away. Jayden's circumstances didn’t make it easy, but he never complained and showed real determination forging ahead like a champ, we thank you Jayden for being an inspiration to us all. 

A huge shout out and thanks to Mr. Barwick, Mr. Finch, Mr. Briggs, Mr. van Stipriaan, Mr. Durie and Mr. Ross and all other staff who made our trip possible and enjoyable.

Cheers for listening boys and I really hope in the future you consider putting your name down for Crest to Crest and push yourself out of your comfort zone, and achieve a goal that you will remember for the rest of your life - I know all of you can do it." 

Tamati Durie-McGrath: "On Monday last week, 23 young men and the six teachers hopped into some vans dreading the week ahead of us, as this was the hardest challenge any of us have ever faced. Eight days later, however, after completing Crest to Crest, I would gladly hop back into the same vans with the boys and do it all over again in a heartbeat. For those of you who do it in future years it’s going to be the greatest experience of your life and one of the funniest weeks ever. 

It takes an incredible amount of courage and determination to do Crest to Crest. Jayden Glentworth is an excellent demonstration of this. Having his life completely turned upside down due to the injury he sustained, some people would’ve been destroyed by it, but Jayden came back even stronger and completed Crest to Crest and did it like an absolute champion. Even though you do all these insane feats, individually they’re tough, but together it’s insane to think about, but I believe everyone in this hall can do it if you put your mind to it. I know this because a year ago, I weighed about 98kg and was pretty fat, I could barely run 2km, but I’ve put the work in over the last year and reaped the benefit last week. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, anyone can do this. 

I’d like to thank the unspoken heroes of this trip. Firstly, Mr. Ross and my uncle Mr. Durie. Those two were the two vehicle drivers. Everyone probably thinks it’s easy to drive a truck for five days but think they spent six hours straight sitting behind us sitting on 30kph, anyone who drives a car in this room knows how frustrating it is to go slow, so cheers for that you two. 

Secondly, Canon and Aydin who were our canoe instructors, they taught us how to properly canoe and did the whole 12 and a half hours with us. 

Finally, the teachers: Mr. Barwick, Mr. Briggs, Mr. Finch and Mr. van Stipriaan and Mr. David Brokenshire who’s not a teacher but still does Crest to Crest just out of the kindness of his heart. Without these five men, us boys would have been gone after the first day. Your advice and tips on recovery and encouragement throughout the week is invaluable and if any staff is needed for next year, Max and I will gladly come back to do it again. 

For anyone in Year 9 through 12 who even has the idea of doing Crest to Crest, I would 100% advise you to join. You push yourself to the absolute limit and the satisfaction you get at the end is unrivaled. If that's not enough, the hearty handshake and Gatorade from Mr. Bovey is satisfactory as well."

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