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Old Boys Sports Day  Friday October 22nd
Photo by PNBHS

Up coming Palmerston Old Boys' Events


Mark your calendar, keep an eye on your inbox, we would love to have you join us....

Palmerston North Old Boys Functions: September 10th/11th

Friday 10th: Old Boys Dinner, College House Dining Hall is booked , Luke Kemeys, Boys Get Paid founder, is confirmed as guest speaker.

Saturday 25th: A day at the Races: Stewards Room is booked.

Annual Sports Day: Friday October 22nd

Sports during the day, Old Boys Xmas drinks at College House that night

Other Notes:

· No Business Alumni will take place in 2021

· Blazer sales are steady, there is still reasonable interest and sales happening

· Database is growing slowly thanks to reunions and gatherings and Stu’s work, the data base information is still a problem

· The Old Boys Association are supporting the new Old Boys Pavilion/ Hockey Turf  project we have so far donated 2 payments, one for initial for drawings  to be completed and the other for Proarch to undertake investigatory work necessary to advance the Resource Consent.This is a major capital project for Old Boys we will need your help to make it a reality, once we have the necessary approval from the Council and Ministry of Education we will be appealing to our Old Boys to get these built, we cannot do it without you.

· The Old Boys Association is working through the process of becoming a charitable organization, thank you John Whitehead for your work in this area.