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I am Hope Presentation - Year 10's
Photo by PNBHS

'I am Hope' Presentation


On Friday the 7th of May young men in Year 10 attended a presentation as part of the 'I am Hope' school tour. The entertaining and challenging presentation aimed to normalise conversations about mental health and encourage young men to look out for their own mental health and wellbeing, and that of their peers. Like physical health, we all have mental health, and just like with our physical health, it is natural for our mental health to fluctuate.

"I AM HOPE is the youth and community-focused support group run by The Key to Life Charitable Trust, started by Mike King. For the last three years, Key To Life have been promoting positive attitudinal societal change in schools and communities up and down the country and funding private care and counselling for young people stuck-in-the-mud on waiting lists.

We know kids want to take agency of their own mental health development AND their communities’. We give kids permission to do just that and contribute directly to the social change we’re all working towards.

We speak and communicate directly to and with kids. We are unconventional, grassroots, provocative and anti-establishment simply because we know that our approach is effective at engaging with kiwis."

Check out the I am Hope website for further information: https://www.iamhope.org.nz/who-we-are