Hero photograph
Photo by PNBHS

Year 12 and 13 Construction


At the start of this year, Year 12 and 13 Construction students deconstructed the old fence that was located behind the T Block classrooms. All fence rails were replaced and new palings we erected and top capping was included. Students then painted the fence using brushes, which proved to be an arduous task due to the fence being so large in length, (40m). The students enjoyed the process and were pleased with the fact they were contributing to keeping a professional look to their school. 

In Term 2 students embarked on constructing a non-consent building, which has involved reading plans, determining the amount of material’s required and then completing the construction process. Students worked well on site and have completed up to the cladding stage. 

The weather boards were designed by the Year 13 students and the Year 12 students manufactured the products ready for installation. The build went smoothly and all students enjoyed building something from the ground up and seeing the visual progress of the project. 

The construction process involves students having to complete their work, including taking photos, they then reflect on the progress of the project and write in their jobsite dairies. There have been pleasing results to date, but with some room to future develop ideas to help streamline the building process. Establishing a positive safety culture on the jobsite has been rewarding with weekly tool box talks.