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PNBHS Players Code of Conduct


Involvement in co-curricular activities has many benefits for young men throughout their lives. However, it is important that our involvement in such activities is positive for everyone.

Involvement in co-curricular activities helps develop many aspects of character and is fundamental to achieving our school vision Hai Whakapakari i Ngā Tamatāne Kia Purapura Tuawhiti To Develop Educated Men of Outstanding Character:

  • Civic character - appreciating the importance of playing within the rules; understanding that everyone in a team or group contributes to the performance of that team or group
  • Performance character - developing time-management and organisational skills, activity-specific skill development, improved fitness levels
  • Moral character - understanding that playing within the rules and playing within the spirit of the game can at times be different and that at times we will be challenged to stand up for what is the right and fair thing to do.

Through your co-curricular involvement you will learn many practical lessons that link directly to our school values, some of which are outlined below:

  • Tū Māia | Courage - the physical and mental courage to take on an opposition team who are older and bigger; to continue to give one's best effort as the score mounts against you.
  • Ngākau Mahaki | Humility - learning to appreciate victory in a way that maintains the dignity of the opposition; appreciating an outstanding performance without taking away from the efforts of the rest of the team or group.
  • Te mahi tahi | Industry - consistently producing a determined effort at training/rehearsals and in games/performances.
  • Tū Rangatira | Integrity - playing within the rules and the spirit of the game; being fair and truthful; living up to the commitment we make to our teammates. 
  • Tū Whakahī | Pride - being proud of representing PNBHS by ensuring we have the correct playing uniform; understanding that we can be satisfied with our performance and that of our team or group while also showing humility.
  • Tū Whakaaute | Respect - treating the opposition, officials, teammates, coaches, managers and supporters with courtesy and good manners regardless of the outcome of the game or an official's or coach's decisions.

Regular attendance at school is fundamental to academic progress and achievement and your academic work is the priority over co-curricular involvement. You must be present at school the entire day before you compete - if you are too sick to be at school then you are deemed too sick to compete. Similarly, acceptable levels of attendance must be maintained in order for you to be considered eligible for selection for your team or group.