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Dear Old Boys and Friends of the School,


Dear Old Boys and Friends of the School,

“The roll number on the first of March was 1105, with an intake of 272 third formers” notes the 1971 Palmerstonian. Mr. Eric White was the Rector, and a number of prospective third form boys were unable to be admitted.

In 2021, 50 years on, we started with a roll of 1763, including 394 young men in Year 9 (third form in the old money). And, like 1971, not all who applied for enrolment could be accommodated. College House started the year with its highest-ever roll of 190 and is absolutely packed to the gunnels.

It has been another busy term, with a significant number of our young men involved in activities outside of the classroom alongside their important academic work. NCEA results from 2020 were positive despite the impact of Covid-19 and it was pleasing to see the number of young men who achieved success in scholarship examinations and university papers, which are part of the senior accelerate programme for our top academics: Paul Lee, the 2020 Dux Litterarum, achieved four A+ grades in university papers last year.

In this newsletter, you will see read about some of the highlights at School from throughout the first term, and read about a number of Old Boys events, such as the second instalment of the Old Boys Sports Hall of Fame from earlier in the year. We have also had a number of Old Boys speak at assembly, which the current pupils always enjoy.

It has been great to see the support the school and our young men continue to get from our Old Boys and wider school community. That support is making a real difference for many of our boys and is much appreciated.

David Bovey