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Old Boys News Letter August 2021

PNBHS Old Boys —

A word from the President ... Simon O'Connor

The work and time inputted by the Old Boys’ office continues to grow. Muz Sujau was farewelled at the end of 2020 and we welcomed Sally Wenham into the office at the start of 2021. Sally is a welcome addition with her skills in photography and design. Her skill factor and dedication to work has been noted by School, College House and the International department, as well as the  Old Boys’. Rachel continues to head up the CRD team which includes the Old Boys’ office. Stu works tirelessly at administration work, researching and connecting with Old Boy’s young and old, Stu’s networking with our Old Boy's is invaluable, our Old Boys love Stu’s stories and the knowledge he shares of many years connected to PNBHS. Dom King continues to work at his passion in the archives area of school, his restoration work and organizing of our school archives collection is notable and we enjoy the Old Boy snippets he often shares with us. 

The Old Boys’ executive committee is led by myself and continues to meet regularly; this committee is the driving force in supporting networking initiatives from the Old Boys’ office, we are grateful of this support to foster and grow the relationships and data base of our Old Boys. The committees underlying commitment to the Old Boys’ Pavilion project, which we hope to get off the ground in the near future is important. This Pavilion will be a great asset to the Old Boys and PNBHS. Overall, the committee has a great interest in what happens at PNBHS as well as what happens in the Old Boys’ office, this wider school interest means we are more connected with the life of the school, acknowledging the needs of a good healthy school and how the Old Boys can continue to support school. Building a happy, healthy Old Boys’ network is important to keeping our school as one of the top boys' schools in New Zealand.

Connecting with Old Boys domestically and internationally in 2021 has kept Stu and Rachel busy. They have thoroughly enjoyed many email and phone conversations helping us get to know some of our Old Boy's around the world, finding out about some of the amazing jobs they have and lives they lead and learning how they are coping in the current Covid situation, networking with our Old Boys is a rewarding part of our job. We have hosted some fantastic reunions at school and have travelled to Tauranga and recently Auckland to host Old Boys' functions, both these events were well attended and were a lot of fun.

Coming up in September we have our Annual Old Boys Dinner and a Day at the Races, Luke Kemeys, Old Boys and Founder of Boys Get Paid is our guest speaker at dinner and then coming back again to lead us through a Day at The Races, both will be great occasions, please get in behind us and come along.

A reminder that we also have our Annual Old Boys Sports Day on Friday October 22nd, this will be followed by Old Boys drinks in the College House Dining Hall as a wrap up for 2021.

See you all at the dinner and thanks for all your support across the country and across the world.

Kind Regards


Simon O'Connor Old Boys' President — Image by: PNBHS

A note from The Rector... David Bovey

Dear Old Boys,It is great to be back at school after last term's sabbatical which was a wonderful opportunity to visit schools throughout the country, from Invercargill to Auckland. Most of the schools on my itinerary were state boys' schools but I also visited co-ed and private schools. The current state of New Zealand's education system might suggest otherwise, but there are some fantastic things happening in schools throughout the country. While I was impressed with so much of what I saw in my visits, I reflected on my travels at the end of the term and realised that the sabbatical had also provided affirmation that our school is doing many things well. It has been a busy start to the term, with the Wellington College Winter Exchange in the first week, followed by the Polson Banner Exchange with Napier Boys' High School in Week Two. Numbers are up in both winter sport and cultural activities, which goes against the national trend, and it is great to see so many of our young men involved in the wider life of the school.Thank you to those Old Boys who attended OBA functions last term and in the recent school holiday break - it is always enjoyable being able to meet up with so many of you who continue to be interested in, and supportive of, our school.

Dave Bovey

David Bovey - Rector — Image by: PNBHS

The Old Boys Association AGM was held on Monday July 12th.

The Election of Officers for 2021was recorded as follows:

President: Simon O’Connor

Treasurer: John Whitehead

Patron: Alan Cull

School Liason's :

Stuart Leighton

Rachel Wenham

David Bovey

Dom King

Sally Wenham

Moved Simon /John Naylor

Executive Officers:

Michael Lawrence

John Naylor

Rolf Leenards

Muz Sujau

Philip Rophia

Moved Simon / John Whitehead

Our new executive officer:

Mr Philip Rophia attended PNBHS and College House from 1978 to 1982. Phil was Head Boy of College House in 1982 and a school prefect. Phil was also part of the PNBHS 1st XV that year and played cricket and squash. Phil will be a great addition to our Old Boys' Committee and we welcome him on board he is already a great school and Old Boys Supporter.

New Old Boys Executive Committee Member. Philip Rophia — Image by: PNBHS