Hero photograph
Photo by Sally Wenham

Class Reunion from the 50s


I had a lot of files put away carefully for quite a few years with names - years at school, - present address - wife's name, - etc and can't find them when required. We did hold a number of reunions over the time around the turn of the century and the guys who helped me the most were Barry Clevely, Dean Halford, Nelson Speirs, and a few other College House guys and later in the effort an odd day boy such as Ron Eglinton. The original idea was to have a meeting of a few ex-College House guys, such as Barry and Dean, and then it just grew (like Topsy) and contemporary day boy pupils became involved and word of mouth led to Joe Beder and Wayne Batchelor arriving from Australia, and others from all around New Zealand. The gathering was so successful that we held a few more similar gatherings in the years after this one. The main organizers were, besides myself, Dean Halford, Barry Clevely, and Nelson Speirs, all College Housemates, and we usually held a small reunion of this group the Day after the reunion, and usually at Ron Griggs' Pub. Undoubtedly there were a few class breakers but most were from the 5th and 6th forms in 1955-56. Unfortunately, looking now at the photo of the group I have lost touch with most of them, though Nelson Speirs, Dean Halford, Roger Dunn, Barry Clevely, and Graeme Groombridge, arrived at our doorstep for a very pleasant day, not so long ago. (Graeme from USA and staying with Roger.) I think the photo you sent was on 15th March 1998 - labelled CLASS OF 55 with most being in the 5th or 6th forms that year.