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Ride Forever - Rightway Driving Academy
Photo by PNBHS

PNBHS Students Hope to Ride Forever


An enthusiastic group of young PNBHS motorcyclists participated in the highly regarded Ride Forever programme arranged by Alastair Mayson, the Road Safety Coordinator at Horizons Regional Council, and delivered by Giles Sullivan from Rightway Driving Academy. 

The purpose of this four-hour course is to promote riding, observation and awareness skills for young men riding scooters and motorcycles in city traffic. It is common for this group of riders to be on the roads, mixing with higher speed traffic, but without any training....either on how to handle the bike or interact with other vehicles.

The course included a classroom-based discussion before moving out to a car park environment for some bike skills training and brake training.

Ride Forever - Rightway Driving Academy — Image by: PNBHS

Thereafter, students mix what they have learnt in both environments and put them into practice on the urban road network. The group size is limited to six, with each participant connected to the instructor via intercom units. This ensures the conversation, instruction and learning continues in the “real world” and the students don’t feel alone on the road with 2-way conversation help always at hand. Riders leave with a greater sense of their vulnerability and appreciation of the risks and hazards. More importantly, they learnt a range of skills and tools to help them make better riding decisions.