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Old Boy and professional musician David Shanhun
Video by PNBHS

Old Boy and professional musician David Shanhun (1997 – 2001)


It was a pleasure to welcome Old Boy and professional musician David Shanhun (1997 – 2001) to assembly earlier this term.

David Shanhun explained that his interest in music began when he was in assembly watching one of his friends perform and saw the smiles that brought to the faces in the audience. He took up guitar and worked to become a member of the top ensemble and was also part of the 2001 OK Chorale that won Gold at the National finale as the top male choir in the country that year.

David initially studied classical guitar before forging a career in contemporary music. He has performed internationally and supported international touring acts in New Zealand. He has twice featured in New Zealand’s top ten iTunes charts. David has established a strong online presence sharing his music and providing tutorials and mentoring to encourage and develop the skills of other musicians.

He is in the midst of a North Island tour and recently performed in Palmerston North at the Globe Theatre. David, with his musical partner Shimna, performed two songs at assembly. They also spoke about the resilience and perseverance necessary to forge a career as a musician and the importance of taking all opportunities that come up – some great messages applicable in all areas of life.

David also performed at lunchtime and spoke with young men interested in pursuing a career in the music industry.