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NZ Association of Language Teachers


Certificates of Excellence Awards 2020 recipients

Each year the New Zealand Association of Language Teachers rewards high-achieving students, who sit NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish as a second language, with a Certificate of Excellence to recognise their achievements. In each Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 language course, there are five Achievement Standards which involve listening, reading, speaking and writing. To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, 12 or more credits at Excellence level, including at least three from externally assessed Standards and three from internally assessed standards, are required. Grades for the 2020 NCEA internal and external assessments resulted in seven PNBHS students qualifying for Certificates of Excellence.

Level 1 endorsed with Excellence

French: Payton Bamfield, Rohan Kanagasundaram and Matt Watson

Japanese: Chisora Hada and Tommy Lu

Level 2 endorsed with Excellence

French: Hughin Ross-Veale

Level 3 endorsed with Excellence

French: Fergus Congdon (at university)