Subject Selection 2023 by PNBHS

Subject Selection Guide for Young Men and Whānau

In the coming weeks, young men will be asked to select their subjects for 2023. These are important decisions and our Careers Advisors have provided some suggestions to help in this process.

In the video above our Year Level Deans provide information specific to each year level (Year 10: start - 1.12, Year 11: 1.12 - 3.05, Year 12: 3.05 - 6.18, Year 13: 6.18 - end).

What to think about when choosing school subjects?

There are a few things you'll need to weigh up when choosing your school subjects. It's not just about what you enjoy – this is important to consider, as you're likely to put more effort into the subjects you enjoy - but also about what subjects will be useful to you in the future. What are the subjects that are needed in the areas of work I am interested in? Here are some tips to help with your decision making:

1. Know your options

Research what subjects are on offer for you next year. Talk to your current teachers, use the Schools Stratus page and come along to the school’s subject information evening to help you gather information.

Highlight the subjects you are interested in taking and take note of the prerequisites – do I have these, or will I achieve them?

2. Think about your abilities and interests at school

When you are deciding on what subjects to take think about things like:

· What subjects are you good at or not so good at? What do others say you are good at?

· What does this tell you about yourself?

· What are your strengths? Are you a good writer, good with numbers, a practical person?

· Which subjects have you enjoyed studying?

· Which do you dislike and why?

Thinking about these sorts of things will help you figure out what subjects you could do and what jobs you might want to pursue in the future.

3. Keep your career options open

Most people change their minds about what they want to do in the future. Your interests and abilities will change over time, or you might find out about new careers that you had never heard of before.

If you’re unsure about what job you want to do, try to study a wide range of subjects at school. This will give you more options later on. Doing as well as you can in Maths and English is important as literacy and numeracy are important in most careers. Think carefully before giving up any science subjects.

From the Careers Advisor PNBHS

The advice below is targeted more towards young men in the senior school, but generally applies to all year levels:

· How well do you think you are going with your Level 1 or 2 subjects?

· What are your expectations of achievement?

· How hard have you been working at your subjects?

· Do you know what you need for NCEA Level 1/2/3/UE (have you chosen University approved subjects?)

· Have you spoken with your teachers about doing Level 2 (or 3) in the subject?

· Are you aware of the pre-requisites for the subjects you have chosen?

· Are there any other subjects that you have considered? Have you considered options through Gateway/ Trades Academy Programmes?

· Are you intending to return for Year 13?

· What job and training ideas do you currently have for beyond school?

· Do you know what the pre-requisites are for these choices beyond school? Do you know what career directions they might offer?

· Have you checked your job and training ideas with someone in that area?

· Have you talked over your choices with your parents, whanau, careers advisor, teachers?  

The video below explores the idea of parents as 'career coaches' and provides practical advice for you to support your son's career exploration and decision-making.