2023 Subject Information by PNBHS

2023 Subject Selection

We are in the process of beginning our planning for 2023. A core component of this process is your son’s subject selection. These decisions are important as the choices he makes influence the future pathways available to him.

Kia ora koutou and welcome to our Subject Information Guidebook. While 2023 may still seem a long way off for young men, our planning for next year is well underway and your son’s subject choices are a core component of this.

To assist you and your son with making his subject choices we are holding a Subject Information Evening on Wednesday, August 24 from 6.00pm – 7.00pm in the school hall.

On this evening subject teachers, Heads of Departments, Year Level Deans, Careers Advisors and staff from UCOL and PITO – the Primary Industries Training Organisation – will be available to answer your questions.

I encourage you to work with your son prior to the Subject Information Evening so that any questions you might have can be answered.

The subjects noted at each level are the ones on offer, a subject will only run with sufficient interest. In most cases this is not a problem, but in some smaller subject areas, the viability of the subject is determined by the number of students who select & commit to the course.

There is a financial component regarding staffing for the school and thus we begin our timetabling process now so that we can prepare as much as possible for the new academic year.

Your son’s 2023 subject selections need to be made by 4.00pm on Friday, August 26 via the Parent Portal. Information on how to make these subject selections is included in this guidebook.

Your son may be able to make changes to his selections early in 2023, after receiving his NCEA results, but I certainly ask you to consider all factors now, as you make choices, because categorical changes do impact on our ability to run the school to the standard we have become accustomed to.

Do think about your future career pathway, this is now a crucial time as you plan for the future. There are prerequisites for some subjects and the choices you make will open certain doors, but may close others.

Seek advice from HOD’s, from Careers Advisor, Year Level Deans and even from your parents so you can make a fully informed decision about the subjects you select.

I cannot state strongly enough that you must aim to gain NCEA at the highest level possible. You should aim to reach your potential – that is earn as many merit and excellence grades as possible so that you open as more and more doors of opportunity. An excellence grade may be the one point of difference that earns you a place on a course, an apprenticeship, entry to halls of residence or a university of choice.

And remember, not all subjects will necessarily lead to a promised career – so consider a range of subjects; some that you may enjoy, and some that may simply be food for the soul. By selecting a good range of subjects you will leave yourself a breadth of opportunities.

I look forward to seeing you at our Subject Information Evening on Wednesday, August 24. 

Yours faithfully,

D M Bovey


The video presentation below from our Year Level Deans contains year-level specific information about subject selection.

Subject Selection 2023 PNBHS

Please click here to watch a short video from our Careers Advisors with some general advice about subject selection.

Young men and parents involved in the Accelerate Programme have an information session at 5.45pm in the Speirs Centre on Wednesday, August 24. At the conclusion of this presentation you will be able to move to the school hall to speak to staff as necessary.  Specific information for Accelerate Students can be found further on in this subject selection guide.

Please click here to watch a video with advice on how parents can work as ‘career coaches’ for their sons. 

Subject Information Evening 2022 — Image by: PNBHS