Massey Agriculture Taster Day by PNBHS

Massey University Agriculture Taster Day

Recently a group of young men had the opportunity to attend an Agriculture Taster Day hosted by Massey University.

The day began with a laboratory task looking at the different absorption rates between Tokomaru and Taranaki soils, by putting a nutrient solution through each and measuring the difference. This was part of a study looking at the environmental effects on waterways from fertilizer and effluent runoff in different parts of New Zealand.

Then the group visited two Massey University dairy farms where they looked at a study around the nitrogen fixation levels of Plantain crops. This is a big advance in making cows urinate less frequently and in less concentrated areas, to help create a more sustainable future for farming in New Zealand.

This was a great day and thanks to Massey University for hosting our young men. A very keen bunch of boys and finished with an awesome lunch at Wharerata.