Cyber Attack Security

You may be aware of the recent Ransomware Cyber Attack that affected some New Zealand schools recently.

Below are some precautions that students are encouraged to take when using their devices and are logged into their PNBHS account while at school.  These precautions are to help prevent our school from such an attack.

1. Continue to be cautious when it comes to opening links embedded in emails

This is something most students are all already doing and the steps we have taken to use “Posts” in Microsoft Teams suggests we are on the right track. Students, please remember to check "Posts" in Microsoft Teams for links.

2. Move files/Data to Microsoft Office 365 or Google:

An example of this is Google Drive, Google Shared drives, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

3. Backup Data in Microsoft Office 365 or Google:

Microsoft and Google employ a “shared responsibility model,” which dictates that Microsoft and Google are responsible for its global infrastructure and ensuring that Google or Office 365 remains up and running, and its customers are responsible for the access and control of their data that resides within the Office 365 or Google infrastructure. This means students are responsible for backing up their data. 

If any student receives a suspicious looking email into their PNBHS account, please forward that email to and we will get our IT team to look into it.