Regional Judo Championships

Congratulations to Saifaldeen Hassan, Deakin Payne and Leon Payne on their recent success at two regional Judo Championships.

At the Wellington Open Championships held on the17th & 18th April, Deakin won Gold in the Cadet men (36kg, 13-16-year-old) division, Silver in the Senior men (60kg, 16 and over) and Bronze in the Junior men (60kg, 15-20-year-old) divisions. Leon won Gold in the Senior boys (36kg, 10-13 year old) and Gold in the Cadet men (50kg, 13-16 year old) divisions.

At the Waikato Bay Of Plenty Open Championships held in Rotorua on 5th & 6th June, Saifaldeen won Silver in the Junior men (100kg, 15-20 year old) competition and Leon won a Gold in the Senior boys (36kg, 10-13 year old) division. Deakin was unfortunately eliminated due to injury.

In both competitions, the boys competed against some very strong opposition and their success was hard earned.