Mrs. Sandra Rennie by PNBHS

Staff Farewell - Mrs. Sandra Rennie

"Welcome to Boys' High, you're speaking with Sandra" is a sentence familiar to many parents who have phoned the school over the last 22 years.  At the end of this term, the owner of the voice on the end of the phone that has helped answer countless questions from parents, Mrs. Sandra Rennie, is retiring.

Mrs. Rennie joined the PNBHS office staff in April, 1999.  Our staff has greatly appreciated the wide range of administrative support that she has provided - always with a smile - even when their lateness puts her under pressure.  We have also appreciated the many times she has stayed late at work when tasks have needed to be completed to pressing timelines.

Technology has changed the processes within the school office significantly over that period of time and Sandra has needed to learn many new components to her job, a task that she has always undertaken enthusiastically.

One thing that has remained constant however is the importance of relationships in working in an environment that includes 1,800 students, 150 staff, a parent community in the thousands and an Old Boys community in the tens of thousands.  Mrs. Rennie has shown that she is adept at working constructively with all of these diverse groups and we have appreciated the 'warmth' and genuine interest and care that she brings to all of her interactions.

We wish Mrs. Rennie all the best for her well-deserved retirement and the chance to spend more time with her grandchildren.

Mrs Sandra Rennie at PNBHS Assembly to Mark her Retirement — Image by: PNBHS