Pasifika Fusion - PNBHS Cultural Performance 2021 by PNBHS

Pasifika Fusion

Well done to the young men who participated in the recent Pasifika Fusion Festival.  Pasifika Fusion provides and opportunity for young people within the wider region to celebrate their Pasifika identity.  Our young men put in countless hours of practice in preparation for their performance, as well as the other categories in which they were entered.

Cultural performance: 3rd equal 

Debate: 3rd Place - Tui Kaisami, Telson Liuvaie, LeMonz Livingston

Essay Writing (Junior): 2nd Place - Hugo Liuvaie,  3rd Place Tevita Fakahau

Poetry Writing (Junior): 1st Place - Tevita Fakahau

Quiz: 2nd place

Niue Speech: 1st Place - Telson Liuvaie

Visual Arts: 2nd Place - Lance Whippy, 3rd Equal - Telson Liuvaie

Click here to view the full album of photographs from the Pasifika Fusion Festival.