UPDATED - PNBHS Athletics Championships 2021 by PNBHS

PNBHS Athletics Championships 2021


PNBHS Athletics Championships

Wednesday, 17 March 

Community Athletics Track | Massey University

Events begin 9.00am

Club Marching aprox. 2.00pm

A copy of the programme for the day and the finalists are attached at the bottom of this information.

Dear Parents,

PNBHS Athletic Championships – Wednesday, 17 March

This communication is to inform you of our pending School Athletics Championships and the expectations we have of all boys on this day.

Firstly, I would like to invite and encourage you to join us at the Manawatu Community Athletics Track at Massey University on Wednesday 17 March.

The Athletics Championships begin promptly at 8.40am and will conclude at 3.00pm. This day is treated as a normal school day, students are expected to wear correct school uniform to and from the track and they will change into correct club uniform for events at the track (white shorts and club singlet). It is advisable to bring wet weather gear in case the weather changes during the day. A roll call will be taken during the day to check on attendance. Students involved in the first events need to make their own way out to Massey and need to be at the track by 8.25am.

For safety reasons and to avoid traffic congestion around Massey University, we would like to encourage all students (competing or non-competing) to arrive at school in the normal manner and travel out to the track on buses the school will be providing, with the exception of students who live on the Massey side of Palmerston North, who can make their own way to the track. Students travelling on the school provided buses must report to the Main Quad at PNBHS by 8.45am. College House students will have their own transport arrangements. Buses will be returning to the school in time for bus students to catch their normal bus. All other students returning by bus will be back at school by 3.20pm at the latest. Any non-competitors making their own way to the athletic championships are expected to be at the track in school uniform by 9.00am and to bring their club uniform for marching at the end of the day. This is a school day and normal school rules will apply.

Students on bikes should enter via the main University driveway and use the ring road as directed by staff who will be on road duty. Boys are not to walk on Old West Road as it is extremely dangerous. I reiterate previous messages about the need for young men to behave sensibly on their bikes to ensure their safety and the safety of others. School staff and Police will man checkpoints between the Fitzherbert Bridge and the Athletics Track. Students who have school permission to bring a motor vehicle to school need to ensure they abide by school rules regarding the use of their vehicle. In particular, students with cars do not have permission to transport other students unless they have the school’s and parental permission in writing.

Our young men will be outside all day and I would recommend that they bring appropriate sunscreen and the school cap. Some shade and sunscreen will be available at this facility, but I encourage students to act responsibly to ensure they are protected from the sun. In between events students should wear their school shirt to protect themselves from the effects of the sun.

Students should bring their lunch as they would on a normal school day. A canteen will also be operating at the ground; please note – cash and eftpos. I would recommend that students bring a water bottle on the day as water will be available at the track.

Parents, if you are joining us for some part of the day, please use the Old West Road entry to Massey. Spectator car parking is alongside the new hockey turf car park area. Access is off Albany Drive. PLEASE NOTE no parking is available at the Rugby Institute. Do not park on the grass verge on Albany Drive. If you are dropping your son off and/or picking him up, enter the grounds via Summerhill Drive and Old West Road. Pedestrian Access to the track is down Athletic Track Access Road only, not alongside the hedge line and across the top of the embankment. Do not drive through Massey University ring road. Do not stop on Albany Drive.

Traditionally, our Athletics Championships is an extremely positive and rewarding day on our school calendar for students, parents and staff.

I wish all young men and their clubs the very best for a successful day and welcome you to be part of the 2021 Athletics Championships.

If the sports are postponed this will be announced via More FM (from 7.30am onwards) on the morning of the Athletics Championships and students are expected to attend school as normal. Should an alternative day be necessary a decision will be made when weather conditions allow. Should you have any queries please contact the school office.

D M Bovey



Some Reminders:

Bus students requiring transport are to get off their bus and remain at North Street and you will be directed onto the buses going out to Massey.

Non-bus students requiring transport to and from the track are to report to the Main Quad between 8.40am and 8.55am. If you go out on a bus, you may also return to school on a bus at the end of the day.

Non-competitors making their own way to the track must be at the track no later than 9.00am

Students being taken by car, please tell your parents to go up Summerhill Drive and around the back entrance via Old West Road. They will be turned away if they try and drive through the Massey ring-road.

Students cycling are to follow the instructions of staff on duty. Single file. Do not go Old West Road.

Students walking are to use footpaths only and are to leave early enough to be at the track by 9.00am. Excuses for lateness will not be accepted.

Students in the first events at 9.05am. You must make sure you get your own way there on time. If there is a problem with getting out to the Massey track, then you need to see Mr. Sinclair or Mr. Calton asap.