Year 13 Mentors 2021 by PNBHS

Year 13 Mentors

Congratulations to the young men who have put themselves forward to work as mentors for the junior school this year.

Year 9 Mentors: Josh Brownrigg, Alex Cole, Nicholas Dewhurst, Tommy Dunn-Hall, Adam Ellis, Kabir Farabi, Max Ferguson, Thomas Fowell, Chalitha Gautamadasa, Raukahu Gray-Sharpe, Thomas Harding, Saifaldeen Hassan, Ben Havord, Levi Holman, Shaheer Hussain, George Iro, Riley Jack, Lucas Kester, Ayush Kumar, Jack Lovell, Rian Lyver, Keanu Mason, Blake Meads, Ryan Morgan, Ken O’Connor, George Oltaches, Vikash Patel, Vincent Patelesio, Rakei Paul, Zavier Puki-Smith, Tristan Quartley, Jacob Rauhihi-Collis, Xander Rigg, Joe Simpson-Smith, Troy Smith, Nathan Stevens, Livai Stevenson, Maioha Taiepa, Micah Teitinga, Ben Whiteman and Macca Williams.

Year 10 Mentors: JackAllomes, Kohoban Arachchi Dileetha, Jack Carson, Ethan Conger, Jake Cook-Laskey, Manu Easton, Zac Engu, Alastair Fleming, Kieran Giddens, Daniel Hall, Harrison Hook, Boston James,Ben Jenkins, Alex Kilkelly, Nathaniel Leask, Aaron Long-Lay, Ethan Luo, Josiah Luoni, Connor Managh, Fahim Masud, Sione Mausia, Zayden Meyers-Giesen, John Minton, Yash Patel, Kaushal Patel, Chenuka Rajapakse, Ajay Ravji, Mirsab Rizvi, Ethan Shingleton, Perry Smith, Matthew Toes, Flynn Underwood, Anthony Wen and Nathaniel Zhang.

About the Mentoring Programme: All Year 9 and 10 form classes have Year 13 Mentors allocated to work with them throughout the year. Those Year 13 students selected to fulfill this role are chosen primarily on their ability to provide positive role modeling for junior students.

The role of the mentor is to:

  • Assist students to successfully make the transition into Year 9 (or from Year 9 into Year 10) at Palmerston North Boys’ High School.
  • Encourage students to become fully involved in the life of the school through involvement in co-curricular and Shand Shield activities.
  • Encourage young men to commit themselves to giving their best effort with all classroom and homework activities.
  • Provide advice to students relating to key school events such as the junior examinations.
  • Support students who are experiencing difficulties or who have questions regarding specific aspects of school life.