Ruahine Experience Camp by PNBHS

Ruahine Experience Camp

Below is a short report about the Ruahine Experience Camp.

With inclement weather forecast, the boys set out Monday morning in good spirits. A quick visit to the Limestone Caves before tramping to Heritage Lodge allowed the boys to become familiar with their surroundings before returning just after 9pm for a glow-worm spectacular. The boys retired to their scratch-built shelters to end the first day. 

Tuesday was all about racing the weather. We spent the first half of the day following the DoC track and the second in the Oroua River, waist deep in places. The rain came in heavy overnight and the boys faired well, again, in there homebuilt shelters. 

Wednesday morning was spent trudging back to Heritage Hut in the rain. Unfortunately, the rising river meant we couldn’t journey the river through the Iron Gates Gorge. Once set up on the deck of Heritage Hut, a family group of nine arrived and were given priority, meaning the staff joined the boys in a night under the stars.

The boys experienced it all, rain and shine. Plenty of opportunities were given to learn through their experience in the great outdoors and the weather added value. 

Ruahine Experience Camp — Image by: PNBHS