Barrowclough Programme by PNBHS

Barrowclough Programme 2020 Presentations

The Barrowclough Programme was launched in 2009 and was named in memory of a prestigious Old Boy, Sir Harold Barrowclough, who was a prominent sportsman, academic and leader at school from 1907 to 1912.

Since its inception the Barrowclough Programme has assisted Palmerston North Boys’ High School in achieving the schools’ vision to develop educated men of outstanding character. Not only does the programme provide a pathway for students to embrace our school’s values of courage, humility, industry, integrity, pride and respect, it also provides a framework to help students to achieve those sentiments contained in our school’s motto ‘Nihil Boni Sine Labore’ – ‘Nothing achieved without hard work’.

For a young man in the junior school to successfully complete the Barrowclough Programme he must display a positive attitude towards his academic studies, participate fully in school and co-curricular activities, and have been involved in activities providing service to both the school and the wider community.

At a recent assembly young men were presented with a Barrowclough certificate in recognition of them successfully meeting the following criteria:

1. Gaining a B grade average (or higher) for Attitude grades on this year’s academic report.

2. Maintaining excellent levels of attendance.

3. Participating in school co-curricular activities

4. Providing service back to the school.

5. Volunteering to assist with various community events.

Congratulations to all of these young men, it is fantastic to be able to recognise your positive approach to school life.