Junior Boxing Finals by PNBHS

Junior Boxing Finals

Congratulations to all young men who entered the 2020 PNBHS Boxing Championships and those who won their weight divisions. Below is a selection of photographs from the junior finals. Click here to view the full photo gallery.

Hunta Gledhill - Junior Boxing, U48kg Champion

Carson Harvey - Junior Boxing, U51kg Champion

Zion Kinnuman - Junior Boxing, U57kg Champion

Xavier Kinniburgh - Junior Boxing, U60kg Champion

Ryan Finlay - Junior Boxing, U63.5kg Champion

Jahziah Machuca-Sciascia - Junior Boxing, U68kg Champion

Wānanga Matenga - Junior Boxing, U71kg Champion

Phoenix Haimona-Tremaine - Junior Boxing, U75kg Champion

Jacob Booth - Junior Boxing, U91kg Champion

PNBHS Junior Boxing Presentations 2020 — Image by: PNBHS