Semester One University Results by PNBHS

Outstanding University Results

Well done to the young men in the Accelerate Programme, who have achieved outstanding results in their semester one university papers.

Our young men were entered into a total of 87 first year papers and achieved 49 A+, 10 A and 11 A- grades, meaning in excess of 80% of the grades achieved were in the A range - a fantastic achievement.

Achievement at a high level in any field is always the result of dedication and determination.  This is certainly the case for the young men in the accelerate programme whose results from the university papers they are sitting have been outstanding.  For these young men, the results that have been achieved are the culmination of four and a half year's worth of endeavour.

We wish these young men all the best as they turn their attention to preparation for the external Scholarship examinations at the end of the year.