by Karen Sinclair

World Vision 2020

PNBHS student Leo Mwape's great solo effort to raise $400 to help children in Malawi.

This year PNBHS joined hundreds of other schools around New Zealand in making an incredible difference for children in Malawi. On behalf of World Vision and the communities they support, Hayley Gotlieb spoke to a full school assembly on Friday 24 July. Hayley congratulated the school and thanked the students involved for their commitment in helping communities in Malawi. The funds raised will give vulnerable communities greater resilience against unpredictable and devastating events, from climate disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year has been particularly challenging for schools and students alike. The hard work, enthusiasm and dedication of all the volunteers made this year’s 40 Hour famine a success.

Leo’s Story…

“My name is Leo Mwape and I am a year 9 student at PNBHS. I am from Zambia which is a neighbour to Malawi. We have similar cultural links, speak the same language and eat the same food.

Because of COVID-19 we were not able to organise a major fundraising event so I decided to do something by myself. Over a weekend I completed the 40 hour famine and during that time I walked around the Square and Plaza wearing a traditional Zambian Chitenge t-shirt.

While I walked I spoke to people about the plight of those living in Malawi and many were kind enough to donate money to the Malawian cause. In 48 hours I managed to raise over $400 for this year’s World Vision 40 Hour Famine.”

Logan Pomana, one of Leo’s form class Mentors, nominated Leo for a ‘Crunchie’ Gold Bar Character Awarded. Well done to Leo for his efforts and this display of outstanding character.