University 'A grade' Presentation 2020 by PNBHS

University Results

We recently received the final results from semester one university papers sat by young men in the Accelerate Programme.

Papers are offered to accelerate students in Year 13 through the University of Canterbury, Massey University, Victoria University and Waikato University. The results achieved by these young men are outstanding – 36 A+ grades, 16 A grades and 14 A- grades (70% of the grades achieved by our young men were in the ‘A range’). This is a reflection of the hard work and determination they have put into their academic studies.

Congratulations to:

Keegan Cowan A-; Ollie Gillespie A-; Robert Hindmarsh A-; Jordon Longlay A-; Piripi Pinfold-Whanga A-; R V Quijano A-; Caleb Rayner A-; Sol Ross A-; Jacob Smith A-; William Ward A-; Oliver Grant A; Cyrus Rudd A; Karmeehan Senthilnathan A; Jamie Thompson A; Zac Tutty A; Richard Cheng A+; Dominic Rankin A+; Jacob Smith A+; Ray Su A+; Brody Zander A+; Matthew Cao A+, A; Ryan Davey A+, A; Paul Kaiser A+, A; Flynn Roache 3 A; Ciaran Carroll A+,A, A-; Liam Foss A+,A, A-; Kabir Benipal 2 A+; Kevin Chen 2 A+; Cameron Van Rynbach 2 A+; Cameron Giddens 2A+, A; Ben Orr 2 A+, 1A; Matthew Cooper 2 A+, 2 A-; George Ambridge 3 A+; Jacob Mildenhall 3 A+, A; Eric Jiang 4 A+; Paul Lee 4 A+.