by Karen Sinclair

Canoe Polo

Canoe polo season progressing well.

Thus far in the Manawatu Schools Grade Canoe Polo tournament, the PNBHS Senior A canoe polo team has won every game and is placed 1st within division one. During the weeks this tournament has taken place the team has been steadily improving, both at an individual and team level. Players have rapidly been improving key aspects of their play, while the team has made massive advances in their coordination and tactics. Due to this, the team has beaten teams they previously lost to in the New Zealand canoe polo high school regionals tournament, and stands us in good stead as we gear up for the upcoming national high school tournament. (Coach: Troy Huffman-Devy)

PNBHS 1 Div2

The PNBHS Junior A team is progressing well. Currently they are placed first in their division however, some upcoming games will certainly measure how far they have come. They are quick on the attack but still need to iron out some kinks in their defensive game, which will take some time. Hopefully, they will finish in the top three of their division followed by the high school nationals later this year to see if they can better their placing from last year. This will be the players last year as juniors as the senior level beckons them in 2021. (Coach: Harry Dickons)

PNBHS 2 Div 2

PNBHS 2 consists of six enthusiastic young men, who every week arrive to their games full of energy and drive. Consistently attending practices has seen improvements in all aspects of their game, giving the team the best opportunity of finishing top of division two. At present the team is placed second based on goal difference, with the game against the current first placed team (PNBHS 1) still to come. (Coach: Steffan Van Uffelen)

PNBHS 3 Div3

These students are the cornerstone of the PNBHS canoe polo programme and will provide the majority of future players. The Covid pandemic has affected these players the most, team numbers are down but the students that have carried on are doing a really great job. Their skills are rapidly being honed and they are now starting to guide their play on the water. Currently they are sitting in third place out of seven teams which is really amazing. It does not matter where this team place at the end of the season, as long as they develop as players and enjoy the game. If they are smiling then I am smiling too! (Coach: Paul Dickons)