Year 9's attend Smashed Project Smashed uses powerful live theatre and interactive workshops to engage students on the dangers of underage drinking. Young audiences follow the lives of three young people and witness how they become involved with alcohol and how it affects their lives. Interactive workshops enable students to explore the facts about underage drinking and develop strategies for resisting peer influence. by PNBHS

'Smashed' Programme at PNBHS

Last week the Life Education Trust brought their 'Smashed' programme back to PNBHS for our Year 9 students.

It is a live performance about under-age drinking, which is then followed by an interactive workshop where students are invited to discuss the issues and consequences brought up during the play.

Having the performance is an interesting opportunity to address the issue of underage drinking as well as encourage a responsible approach to alcohol in the future. Research has found that the younger people are when they begin to drink alcohol, the more likely they are to develop poor drinking behaviours later in life. Therefore having the Life Education Trust come and provide an exciting visual display could help bring about change.

The performance group also visited PNGHS and are continuing south to other High Schools this week.