2021 OK Chorale

The 2021 OK Chorale has been selected.  Congratulations to Sebastien Cave, Ezra Davis, Jacob Dredge, Ben Irvine, Tui Kaisami, Grayson Lodge, Josiah Luoni, Fahim Masud, Sione Mausia, Benjamin McQueen-Davies, Saem Millward, Axis Simon, Will Tate-Davis, Vealata Tongati'o, Tom Varney and Leo Xu for their selection.  Their first performance for the year was to the staff at lunchtime on Wednesday, a very promising start and we look forward to following the progress of the OK Chorale during the year.

Sebastien, Grayson, Vealata, Tom and Leo have also been selected in the New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir for 2021/22 and will be performing at the national Anzac Service in Wellington during the upcoming school holidays.

New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir 2021/2022 — Image by: PNBHS