PNBHS/PNGHS Prefects' Leadership Seminar 2021 by PNBHS

Prefect's Leadership Seminar with PNGHS

Recently our Prefects came together with the Palmerston North Girls' High School Prefects for the annual Leadership Seminar. After a mihi whakatau to welcome PNGHS, the Leadership Director, Mr. Lobb, began the day with some thoughts about leadership, in particular the importance of being a positive role model for those you are charged with leading. 

A range of challenge activities provided opportunities to examine group dynamics, to understand that everyone has different strengths and the importance of allowing people to use their strengths in group situations. The challenge was laid to the Prefects to use their opportunity to lead as an opportunity to make a difference and ‘leave their mark’ on their respective schools as they develop their leadership ability through the year.

Some of our Prefects shared their thoughts afterward:

"Leadership to me is putting others first, helping guide others to a better vision. Leadership isn't about being the hero or superior to your peers, it's about highlighting the path for your peers to take."

"Leadership means doing what you believe is right; living up to your own morals and not folding under pressure. A true leader acts on what he or she believes is right for not only himself or herself but for the people and the community. Martin Luther King Jr stood for equal rights. He didn't just talk the talk, he did everything in his power, putting his life on the line countless times, to achieve his goal of equal rights. Anybody can talk about what they are going to do to change the world, but only true leaders will have the determination and guts to achieve what they believe is right."